Ooccasionally we get questions about the similarity between Rakam and Tableau or other BI solutions, so I wanted to add a comparison page for BI solutions. To make it clear, Rakam is not a BI product, instead a full-stack analytics platform. There are two products under the Rakam platform: Rakam API and Rakam UI.

Rakam UI a tool for creating user interface for your custom analytics service.

The default interface of Rakam UI is similar to other event analytics services such as Mixpanel and Amplitude. It doesn’t know anything about your data, it just knows that there are events with at least two attributes; _user and _time.

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics, you may already know the metrics you have in web analytics. You can just create an analytics service similar to Google Analytics with Rakam UI if that’s what you need. The recipe mechanism is built for pre-defined analytics solutions, if you’re a mobile gaming company and we have the recipe for your industry, we can give it to you so that you can import it and use Rakam as gaming analytics solution.

You can also use Rakam API without Rakam UI, similar to Keen.io. It exposes an API for you so you can develop a custom interface using the API for your users, it’s up to you. You can even plug your BI solutions with Rakam API and use it as a data warehouse.

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